The Haunted Pawn Shop

A Separate Piece

Moses and Elijah's Big Adventure

Helen Nicholson

Jerusalem in Time for Shavuot

If I Want Him to Remain

Fighting the Hand that Beats you

Muscles are Forever

Where was My Son's Rescuer?

Tante Bloomke

Bubby Returns

Essene Unseen





When this world gets right in my face,

When I need some space,

Looking out of the corner of my eye,

Takes me to a different place.

What can be found there, what species inhabit?

Much unpredictable as Alice's white rabbit.

Please don't confuse strangeness for a sty.

It's another reality out the corner of my eye.

Share a vision by the train tracks, ride with chariot aviators.

Enter a guitarist's delusions and join Essenes on elevators.

Meet cyborgs as down-home as mom's apple pie.

The gateway is the corner of my eye.

A recycled Delorean, King David's tomb.

Aliens nefariously plotting our doom.

A wandering apostle that just does not die.

Experience it all out the corner of my eye.

Religious zealots who laugh at our weeping,

Have lessons to learn about sowing and reaping.

An ancient muse 'neath a clear Brooklyn sky.

All can be seen out the corner of my eye.

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